Supertune Day!

I just got the car back from a super tune on a chassis dyno. Man what a difference.

The car had been running badly for some time. It had a hard time seeking idle and was just really sluggish and really no fun to drive. Me and a friend of mine Dan Walton had put a new Thumper cam in it because the old cam was entirely too big for me to operate the car around town. Also 6 mpg was a little hard to justify. I felt that the car had a bad vacuum leak somewhere.

I sent the car out to a professional with a dyno to give the car a good going over.

Kind of funny really. We never checked the valve springs when we put the new cam in because the last guy to work on the car said that he had put new valve springs in it about 200 miles ago. They looked new.

Turns out that the worst problem we had was that the valves could be opened with simple pressure from your thumb. Most of the valves really did not fully seat. Vacuum problem maybe?

He put all new three row valve springs in it, adjusted the new Edelbrock carb and tuned the pointless ignition. Wow, what a difference. The video below was taken as soon as I got the car back from the tune, See what you think.