Dan’s 1970 Z28

This build is pretty cool because my friend bought this car 35 years ago and it has basically been in storage for the entire time. He believed that it was a clone car when he bought it. With the introduction of the internet he found out recently that it is a real Z28. He has been busy restoring it and got it on the road this fall.

I did this build for him as a gift for his hard work. The build started as the AMT  Z28 kit. Most parts were molded in orange plastic. The wheels were molded in the orange plastic also. They may have been the most difficult thing to detail. Fitment was an issue throughout. Many, many parts had to be modified to even fit properly.

The build took about three months with my busy delivery schedule and domestic duties. The tires did not come from the kit. I bought aftermarket tires that would have originally come on the car. The ignition wires are yellow since he has Accel Yellow Jacket wires on the car right now.

Subject Car Front


Subject Car Rear 

Front View

Rear View.


Passenger Side View


Engine 1


Engine 2 


Engine 3





Top Driver Side View


Driver Side

Bottom line is that this was a very rewarding build for me.

Danny and I have been friends since the mid 60’s. We used to race go karts and ride bicycles together. We had wheelie contests on our new “Banana Bikes.”  Dating ourselves aren’t we? He also has a 73 Z28 that he bought new. It will be his next restoration.

I did a build of a 70 Boss 302 which is also featured on this site. I owned it when he bought the 73 Z28. We had lots of good times with those 2 cars for sure.

Danny has always been there when I needed him for different projects so I decided to build this kit for him. He is one of those guys that is hard to do anything for. He is always doing for others. Thanks Danny for everything. My longest term friend outside the family.