64 Impala SS Convertible Kit

Here is my third build. This one is personal. We have a full sized 64 Impala SS convertible. This is going to provide the inspiration for its customization and restoration. The story behind this car is HERE on this website.

This build went much better than the last one. The kit detail was better plus I am getting the hang of this modelling thing.

This kit started out as a two door hardtop. I had to remove the top obviously to make it into a convertible. I also had a donor 62 convertible kit to provide the convertible boot detail. I had to build the rear door arm rests from scratch using .015″ sheet styrene plastic since they are different from the hardtop arm rests. That was fun…lol.

I am particularly proud of this paint job. I used Tamiya primer, Tamiya Mica Red paint and Testor’s clear lacquer. I have three coats of clear over the car including clearing over the decals. The clear was polished wet with 2500, 3200, 4000, 6000, 8000, 12,000 grit sandpaper. Then I used Novus coarse and Novus fine polishing compound. Finally I Waxed the car with Meguiar’s carnauba wax.

I used aftermarket wheels and tires on this car which provided challenges all their own. The connection type for the kit wheels and these wheels was entirely different. The disc brake kit was also aftermarket. The brakes were made specifically for the wheels which made them easy to install.

Overall a very satisfying build that went together as planned. 


Engine 1


Engine 2   


Engine Bay




Miscellaneous parts


Body before clear or chrome trim


Body after clear and chrome trim


Rear wheel and fitment


Detailed disc brake


Interior, trunk and hood detailed parts


Trunk with carpet


Detailed Interior


Finished Build Outside

Final Product

This was a great 3 month journey and I hope it provides the inspiration to really do the full scale project facing us. On to my next project. I am debating on whether to build my Boss 302 mustang next or do another 1:12 scale big model. I have a 67 Big Block Vette that I am excited to build. It will be a little different as I plan on making it a show and go drag car. Should be interesting.

I hope that you are enjoying these projects as much as I am. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Feel free to share my website on social media if you feel so prompted.